Business profile

Radpol Pipes Ltd. is a leader of the Polish market within solutions for heating, cooling, water, sewage and gas distribution sectors. Radpol Pipes builds its permanent competitive edge based on the use of innovative technologies in particular segments of operations.

Operations of Radpol Pipes is focused in two segments between which numerous product and market synergies occur.

Thanks to their efficient use it is possible to maximise the value of offered solutions. 


Heating and Cooling

Producer of pre-insulated systems for the construction of heating networks and networks for the distribution of other media (e.g. cooling water, steam, ammonia).

The key competitive edges of the Company is experienced design team, providing comprehensive services and cooperation with key recipients on the market.

Since June 2013 RADPOL is a owner of FINPOL Rohr – polish leader in preinsulated pipelinen solutions.

Product synergy with FINPOL with over 20-year experience in manufacturing of preinsulated pipes makes Radpol Pipes one of leading companies in production of systems for district heating.

Preinsulated products comply with PN-EN 253, PN-EN 448, PN-EN 449 and associated standards. Preinsulated elements systems hold Building Research Institute Approvals.

Water, Sewage, Gas

One of the leading producers of polyethylene and polypropylene pipes in Poland.

Radpol Pipes possess a highly technologically advanced engine room.

Since 2010 RURGAZ is consolidated under RADPOL which is the only in Poland supplier of comprehensive infrastructural systems for the distribution of energy, gas, water and heat. In 2012 RURGAZ and the parent company, RADPOL, were merged. In 2024 pipes system division was separated creating Radpol Pipes Ltd.

Radpol Pipes has been strengthening its position in the pipes industry with a highly technically advanced machine park and application of unique patended solutions allow offering completely new, innovative in the sector, systems for heat distribution.

The highest quality of Radpol’s products is guaranteed thanks to:

  • modern and high-performance production lines,
  • usage of highest quality raw materials of renowned producers (SABIC, TOTAL PETROCHEMICALS, LyondellBasell, BOREALIS, INEOS),
  • long experience in production of plastic products,
  • implementation of the Integrated Quality Management System, compliant with ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 norms.

Pipe exclusion:

Radpol Pipes Ltd. based on a long experience in the industry provides customers with the most modern solutions on the market, and thanks to the development of a unique offer of infrastructural systems based on products of Radpol Pipes and other plants it becomes a comprehensive supplier of advanced solutions for various sectors of the industry.