Plant in Prawiedniki Kolonia

Preinsulated systems

RADPOL S.A. is a producer of preinsulated systems for underground / aboveground district heating and industrial pipelines. Our product offer contains preinsulated pipes with polyethylene and metal (SPIRO-type) casings and steel, stainless, copper or plastic carrier pipes for all kinds of media.

Pipes for steam (up to 300°C operation temperature) utilize two-ply insulation, selected individually for application.

Since June 2013 RADPOL is a owner of FINPOL Rohr – polish leader in preinsulated pipelinen solutions.

Product synergy with FINPOL with over 20-year experience in manufacturing of preinsulated pipes makes RADPOL one of leading companies in production of systems for district heating.

RADPOL offers 5-year guarantee on all of its products as a default, with 30-year prognosis of failure-free operation. Preinsulated products comply with PN-EN 253, PN-EN 448, PN-EN 449 and associated standards. Preinsulated elements systems hold Building Research Institute Approvals.