Construction of the Wąsowo – Kuślin gas pipeline with the trenchless method

Construction of the Wąsowo – Kuślin gas pipeline with the trenchless method

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Gas pipeline


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In order to use fast methods of trenchless pipe assembly, products are required that have many times higher resistance to damage to the external surface and higher resistance to point loads than standard PE100.

The contractor of the gas pipeline between Wąsowo and Kuślin decided to use RC MULTIsafe®2L pipes for gas from RADPOL.

These are homogeneous and two-layer pipes (RC MULTIsafe®2L) made of a new generation of PE RC class materials, with a colourful external layer – with a visual possibility of determining whether any damage and scratches do not exceed 10% of the wall thickness.

The characteristics and strength parameters of RADPOL PE RC pipes are significantly higher than those of the PE100 pipes commonly used in the 1980s and 1990s. Although the PE RC material is classified according to the standard e.g: PN EN 1555 in terms of many strength parameters on a par with PE100 and it meets all the requirements for PE100 pipes, but it’s features particularly affecting the durability of the network are at a higher level and can be demonstrated and documented through a series of additional tests included in the specification PAS1075.

Radpol S.A. manufactures pipes according to the requirements of PAS 1075 and has valid DIN CERTCO certificates for each group of pipes according to PAS 1075 classification. Certificates issued for RADPOL include pipes for gas, water and sewage.

Check the RADPOL certificates: CLICK HERE.