Modernisation of a sewage collector in Vilnius, Lithuania

Modernisation of a sewage collector in Vilnius, Lithuania

Country :

Lithuania, Vilnius

Completion of the project:

December 2019

Type of application:

Renovation of the sewage discharge collector


PEHD RC MULTIsafe® 2L sewage pipes DN710 SDR17

Description of the investment:

Vilnius is not only beautiful Baroque buildings, charming streets of the Old Town and a history dating back centuries. Vilnius is also a city of modern urban architecture and a dynamically developing metropolis. The capital of Lithuania modernizes its sewage system using RADPOL S.A. pipe systems.

The steel collector, which has already been bitten by a tooth in the past, has already been renovated with GRP pipes. Unfortunately, the number of leaks in the system increased with the passing of time. This resulted in the decision to renovate the collector using the latest pipe technologies. This time it was decided to use the PEHD RC MULTIsafe® 2L DN710 SDR17 method. RADPOL S.A. supplied over 1.5 km of pipes to the Lithuanian capital.

PEHD RC MULTIsafe® 2L DN710 SDR17 PEHD pipes are joined in long sections and then pulled into an existing collector at the points of discovery of the old pipeline.

With a homogeneous system of welded joints, the polyethylene pipes prove to be durable and airtight and are best suited for this type of renovation. They are the best solution for investors in terms of durability and reliability. PEHD RC MULTIsafe® 2L pipes are particularly recommended for trenchless technology and they are PAS1075 certified.