Radpols pipes tested in difficult conditions of the sulphur mine

Radpols pipes tested in difficult conditions of the sulphur mine



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In the sulphur mine industry companies operate on an industrial scale and expect the highest quality solutions. Sulphur material works well in many branches of industry, such as the production of sulphuric acid, fertilizers, plant protection products, tyre industry, artificial fibres, food industry, cosmetics and pharmaceuticals. The product meets all the requirements set by the customers, its purity is 99.98 % and sulphur in granular form has a very low humidity.

Radpol delivered specially designed MULTIpower PERT 2L pipes to the sulphur mine, which are the most important element of the system for transporting minerals from wells in sulphur deposits. More than two kilometres of MULTIpower PERT 2L pipes are resistant to chemicals and high temperature and help transport the excavated material to the surface where it is granulated.

The raw material located 250-300 meters underground is extracted by melting sulphur in the deposit by means of water heated to 165 ⁰C through drilling holes and pumping it out in a liquid state to the surface with MULTIpower PERT 2L pipes. The hot hydrogen sulphide scrubber already has a temperature of approx. 50 ⁰C in jumps up to 80 ⁰C. The mine extracts about 200 tons of sulphur annually.

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