Radpol Pipes protection pipes on a wind farm

Radpol Pipes protection pipes on a wind farm


Completion of the project:

Place of application:
Wind Farm

PE 100RC protective pipes SDR9

Description of the investment:

As part of the investment, three wind farms with accompanying infrastructure and power output will be built by mid 2020. The installation will be placed in the north-western part of the Zachodniopomorskie Province, about 3 to 13 km from the Baltic Sea coastline. 33 windmills of capacity of 2 MW and 10 windmills of capacity of 2.2 MW shall appear to generate clean energy.

For this project Radpol Pipes supplied PE100 RC SDR9 special protection pipes intended for the protection of power cables, which were laid underground at a depth of 30 m. Such a PE-RC pipes are indispensable for installation in a such demanding conditions. Due to their top resistance to point loads and scratches and a wide range of operating temperatures, they can be used to carry out construction work practically all year round.

Pipes PE100 RC manufactured by Radpol are perfect for trenchless laying methods, and when installed in an open trenches they do not require the use of sand ballast and sand filling, which significantly reduces the time of investment and usually significantly reduces the cost of soil replacement.