Training for partners in the gas industry – RC MULTIsafe® and RC MAXIprotect®

Training for partners in the gas industry – RC MULTIsafe® and RC MAXIprotect®

Poland, Radpol S.A. Production Plant in Prawdniki Kolonia

February 24, 2023

The purpose of the meeting is product training, familiarization with the current standard of gas pipe production according to PN-EN1555-2: 2021 and the pipe production process.

Polyethylene pipes used to build gas networks

Meeting description

On Friday, February 24, 2023, we organized a meeting aimed at familiarizing our Partners with the products and the current standard for the production of gas pipes according to the PN-EN1555-2:2021 standard, as well as with the pipe production process taking place at the Radpol Plant in Prawdniki Kolonia.

The event was attended by gas workers from Polska Spółka Gazownictwa, representatives of NEPTUN and WEBA companies, which are distributors of infrastructural systems.

The first part of the meeting was purely theoretical – we wanted to show Radpol products and indicate their main advantages. And the undoubted advantages of RC MULTIsafe® and RC MAXIprotect® PP/PE-d are their durability and very accurate detection of damage and scratches at every stage of network construction. Which is perfectly reflected in the research conducted at the Hessel Ingenieurtechnik GmbH institute and at the INiG in Krakow. These tests confirmed their exceptional resistance to the effects of scratches and point loads that may arise as a result of trenchless pipe laying or assembly work. Below we present the tests that RC MULTIsafe® pipes were subjected to and their results.

Chart no. 1 – test results of RC MULTIsafe® pipes

The next part of the meeting concerned practical knowledge – we showed our guests how gas pipes are made step by step at the Radpol Production Plant. The meeting brought the intended results – it was undoubtedly interesting for our guests to be able to see the whole process with their own eyes and learn about the practical aspects of production. There was no end to the questions, which made us very happy – because the rest of the meeting took place in a family and friendly atmosphere during lunch in Zamość. Thank you to all participants for participating!

Below are some shots from that day.