Construction of a pre-insulated pipeline for the transmission of process steam at a temperature of 190⁰C for Nutricia (DANONE Group)

Construction of a pre-insulated pipeline for the transmission of process steam at a temperature of 190⁰C for Nutricia (DANONE Group)

Nutricia (DANONE group)

Opole, Poland

Completion of work

Industrial pipeline for process steam at 190⁰C

Process steam pipes, pre-insulated bends, joints and other accessories necessary for laying the pipeline

Description of the investment
The expansion of the Nutricia factory in Opole was another opportunity for Radpol Pipes to provide a system of pre-insulated pipes for transmitting process steam at a temperature of 190⁰C. Industrial projects, especially those involving steam networks, are becoming an everyday occurrence for us. We especially appreciate this, because it only highlights the experience, knowledge and quality we can provide for the most complex investments. We also appreciate the fact that we can cooperate with the largest companies on the market – the trust we have received is reflected in the best quality pre-insulated systems for media transmission.

The Nutricia production plant in Opole is one of the largest and most technologically advanced DANONE plants in Europe. In October 2022, the World Economic Forum recognized the Nutricia factory, operating for almost 80 years, as a “plant of the future”, awarding it the prestigious Lighthouse Award. The Nutricia plant complex in Opole, owned by DANONE, is one of the few FMCG factories in the world and the first in Poland to receive this award. The plant owes this unique distinction to the implementation of modern solutions that enable full integration of the work of people and machines. These innovations allowed the factory to significantly reduce CO2 emissions by almost 80%, while improving efficiency and creating savings.

Investments in steam systems are becoming an increasingly common necessity for many factories and production plants. Especially for those that strive to be called the “plant of the future”. This is sometimes the most convenient solution in terms of savings, longevity, durability and safety.

Advantages of using Radpol Pipes pre-insulated pipe systems for the transmission of process steam:

  • Energy Saving: Pre-insulated pipes minimize heat losses thanks to the use of effective insulating materials, such as polyurethane foam/mineral wool. This allows the steam temperature to be maintained over long distances, which in turn leads to significant energy savings.
  • Longevity and Strength: Radpol Pipes pre-insulated pipes are designed to withstand extreme operating conditions, such as high temperatures and pressure. Their design protects against corrosion, mechanical damage and weather conditions, which extends their service life and reduces maintenance costs.
  • Quick and Simple Installation: Pre-insulated systems are easy to install, which reduces the time needed to build the installation. Modular design and ready-to-use components reduce the number of operations needed on site. In addition, we provide specialist knowledge regarding assembly – we train supervisors and installers both theoretically and practically (on the construction site).
  • Safety: Insulation of pre-insulated pipes provides better protection of the installation, reducing the risk of heat loss and improving the overall operational safety of the network.
  • Low Operating Costs: Thanks to better thermal insulation and durability of materials, the operating costs of systems with pre-insulated pipes are much lower compared to traditional solutions. Fewer failures and longer pipe life translate into lower repair and maintenance expenses.

Traditional solutions used before:

Before the introduction of pre-insulated pipes, the following were mainly used to transmit process steam::

– Steel pipes with external insulation: Such systems required manual application of insulation on site, which was time-consuming and less thermally efficient.

– Protective jacketed pipes: An outer jacket of galvanized sheet metal or stainless steel protected the insulation, but was susceptible to corrosion and mechanical damage.

Why is it worth choosing pre-insulated process steam pipes instead of other solutions?

  • Higher Energy Efficiency: Pre-insulated pipes offer better insulation parameters, which reduces heat loss and allows for more efficient use of energy.
  • Lower failure rate: Thanks to the use of modern materials and production technologies, pre-insulated pipes are characterized by lower failure rate compared to traditional systems.
  • Reduction of Maintenance Costs: Longer service life and better resistance to corrosion and mechanical damage mean less maintenance is needed, which leads to lower operating costs.
  • Faster installation and damage identification: Prefabricated components of the pre-insulated pipe system allow for faster and easier installation, which reduces costs and construction time. In addition, the steam pipeline includes an innovative damage identification system that allows for maximum accuracy in locating damage.
  • Environmental Protection: Better thermal insulation and higher energy efficiency of pre-insulated systems contribute to reducing greenhouse gas emissions and protecting the environment.

Choosing pre-insulated pipes for transmitting process steam is an investment that brings benefits both economically and ecologically.