How to verify an RC pipe supplier for PAS1075 certifications?

How to verify an RC pipe supplier for PAS1075 certifications?

PAS 1075 is a classification for alternative methods of laying PE pipes. The PAS 1075 specification applies in conjunction with existing standards.

PAS has for the first time officially defined requirements for pipes made of RC material to demonstrate the properties of the finished product exceeding those of products made of standard PE100. Thanks to this, certified PE RC products are suitable for laying them without ballast or sand backfill and for trenchless methods, including methods of renovation and reconstruction of pipelines.

Currently, there are only two independent, notified Institutes: DIN CERTCO and TUV SUD, which conduct the control procedure for compliance of pipe production with the requirements of PAS 1075.

Manufacturers with products compliant with PAS 1075 can be verified on the website

Pipe classification according to PAS 1075:
Type I: solid-wall pipes (single-layer walls) made entirely of PE 100-RC

Type II: two-layer or three-layer pipes with integrated layers made of PE 100 RC

Type III: pipes made entirely of PE 100 RC with an additional protective layer made of PP.

How to verify an RC pipe supplier for PAS1075 certifications?

Radpol S.A. To maintain the highest quality of the offered pipes made of PE100 RC material, it produces them in accordance with the requirements contained in PAS 1075 and has valid DIN CERTCO certificates for each group of pipes according to the PAS 1075 classification. Certificates issued for RADPOL include pipes for the transmission of gas, water and sewerage.

Check RADPOL certificates:

Remember: Lack of publication on the institute’s website may mean that the Certificate becomes invalid for the pipe manufacturer. At the request of the ordering party, the manufacturer should provide a test report with a number consistent with the number on the certificate.