New generation of antidiffusion systems for district heating and industry

New generation of antidiffusion systems for district heating and industry

New generation of antidiffusion system for district heating and industry

We gave our engineers the task of creating something that had never been before. All this in the interest of sustainable development of local communities, industry and the environment. RADPOL presents an unique solution: full antidiffussion system. Thanks to this solution the reduction of heat transfer loss equals even 15% within the period of the first 10 years of pipeline working. The application of RADPOL technology influences significantly the diminishing of heating pipe actual exploitation costs within the long term of is working.

RADPOL innovative technology is based on anti-diffussion barier manufacturing with the use of the material based on EVOH, which is placed inside the casing pipe jacket (between two layers of modified HDPE) this solution made possible to create a new generation of anti-diffussion systems for district heating.

RADPOL diffussion barrier keeps isolation thermal conductivity indicator at almost unchanged level during heating pipe exploitation. Due to this solution the heating pipe lifespan is prolonged and exceeds minimal exploitation period which is set in the PN-EN 253 for 30 years.

How is it possible?

The solution in which diffussion barrier is closed with EVOH between two layers of modified HDPE eliminates the barrier contact with humidity as well as protects the barrier from any mechanical damage which may happen during production and installation processes. The pre-insulated pipeline mechanical properties canting (in both axial and tangential directions) remains also unchanged

The wall of the RADPOL pre-insulated pipe protective jacket equipped in antdiffussion barrier is constructed of three layers.