Training in the installation of radiation cross-linked joints

Training in the installation of radiation cross-linked joints

Sulejówek, Poland


Training for employees of Instalatorstwo Sanitarne Inż. Marcin Wojdan

A set of pre-insulated pipes with joints

About the training

On June 20, 2024, in Sulejówek (Masovian Voivodeship), our heating expert – Witold Niesiołowski, organized a specialized technical training on the installation of heating networks. The training was dedicated to employees of Instalatorstwo Sanitarne Eng. Marcin Wojdan. The event was attended by three fitters and two supervisors who had the opportunity to gain valuable knowledge and practical skills.

Scope of Training

The training covered a wide range of topics aimed at providing participants with comprehensive knowledge about the installation of heating networks. Participants learned about:

  1. The muffing theory:
    • Types of joints used in heating networks
    • Technical requirements and standards for jointing
  2. Installation techniques:
    • Methods of proper preparation of pipes for jointing
    • Good practices regarding jointing on Radpol Pipes products
    • Tools and equipment necessary to properly perform muffing
  3. Practical exercises:
    • Practical workshops during which participants had the opportunity to perform muffing on their own under the supervision of an expert
    • Diagnosing and solving problems related to muffing.

Our Experts

The training was conducted by Witold Niesiołowski, expert and technical advisor for heating at Radpol Pipes. Witold Niesiołowski, thanks to his many years of experience and specialist knowledge, provided participants not only with theoretical knowledge, but also with practical tips that are invaluable during everyday work with heating installations. His commitment and professionalism were highly rated by the training participants.

Our Training and Consulting Services

Radpol Pipes offers a wide range of training and consulting services, tailored to the individual needs of our clients. We specialize in training in the following areas:

  • Jointing of heating networks: Comprehensive theoretical and practical training on jointing techniques and maintenance of pipe systems.
  • Water supply and sewage installations: Training in the installation, servicing and repair of water supply and sewage systems.
  • Industrial systems: Technical consulting and training related to industrial installations, including pipe systems for the transport of chemical and technological media (e.g. steam, oil).

Our team of experts consisting of 2 technical advisors and 2 design advisors is always ready to provide support to ensure the highest quality and effectiveness of your investment in Radpol Pipes products.

The training on jointing heating networks organized by Radpol Pipes was an event that allowed participants to acquire the necessary skills and knowledge to effectively perform tasks related to heating installations. We would like to thank the company Instalatorstwo Sanitarne inż. Marcin Wojdan for his participation and trust. We are glad that we could together raise standards in the heating industry.


We invite you to cooperate and participate in subsequent training courses organized by Radpol Pipes!

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